Horseracing Tie

A horseracing tie with a single horse and jockey motif on forest green necktie.


Horse Racing Neck Tie

A horseracing neck tie with a horses and jockeys motif on an attractive plain red neck tie.


Horseracing Jockey Tie

A Horseracing Jockey tie with racehorses and riders motif on plain necktie.

Available in navy.

Brown Italian Leather Credit Card Holder

Top quality leather credit card holder made from Italian hide suitable for ladies or gents.


Cannon lapel pin


Leather Glasses Case

Lightly framed glasses case in soft leather with a magnetic clasp.

Large Pheasants Tie

A stunning pheasant tie with large motifs. Pheasants are in a variety of poses with a lightly checked pattern in light olive.


Self Tie Neat Patterned Red Bow Tie

A mid red bow tie with an orange, blue and green neat pattern in a self tie style.


Self Tie Burgundy Neat Floral Pattern Bow Tie

A delightful burgundy self tie bow tie with a tiny floral pattern made from pure English silk.


Flying Pheasant Neck Tie

Gold Flying Pheasant Neck Tie.

Flying and standing pheasants embroidered bird motif on plain gold tie.

6-flying pheasant gold

White Polka Dot on Blue English Silk Cravat & Handkerchief

A smart blue cravat with white polka dots made from pure English silk with matching handkerchief.


Plain Cream Bow Tie

Plain Satin Pre-tied Cream Bow Tie

6-B210/8 disc

Red Silk Shooting Tie

An attractive shooting tie with shooter, shotgun and spaniel motif on a red silk tie.


Navy Blue Hot Air Balloon Silk Tie

Attractive embroidered hot air balloon tie in red, yellow and white on a navy blue background.


Charcoal Grey Diagonal Striped Clip-on Tie

A charcoal grey clip-on tie with diagonal stripes in various shades of gold and a background pattern of squares.


Blue & Yellow Paisley Patterned Tie

A classic silk, blue paisley neck tie in large and small patterns with a dash of yellow, on a very dark navy blue background.


Navy Blue Large Paisley Pattern Silk Tie

A stunning large paisley pattern navy blue tie made from beautiful English silk with a splash of orange, yellow and bright blue.


Plain Dusky Pink Scarf With Dragonfly Magnetic Clasp

A soft ladies scarf in dusky pink with a silver patterned dragonfly and heart magnetic clasp for easy fastening. Beautiful neckwear for any occasion.


Indulgence Blue Butterfly Necklace

Extremely pretty butterfly necklace with ice blue crystals and contrasting darker diamanté.


Leather Watch Box Two Tone

Square two tone leather watch box containing compartments for two watches.

Sorry, sold out!


Festive Bear Trinket Box

A beautiful festive bear trinket pot with matching necklace from Hidden Treasures.

Sorry, sold out!


Little Princess Girls Jewellery Box

A beautiful girl's jewellery box with a little princess design in pretty pink.

Sorry, sold out!


Leather Hand Held Men's Bag

Quality leather men's tan hand held bag.

Sorry, sold out!


Green & Red Large Paisley Cravat

A large swirling paisley pattern cravat in green and red. Made in the UK.

Sorry, sold out!