About Elegant Extras

A little about our Company...

Our story begins way back in 1990. Based in Wiltshire, not too far from the tourist haven of Stonehenge, we started up a small family business manufacturing and selling ladies hair bows which was the fashion at that time. However, realising that this would be an accessory with a short life span, we quickly expanded into the natural progression of manufacturing bow ties and neck ties.

We began by producing premium quality English silk ties but as time went on it became impractical to both manufacture and devote the time necessary for expanding the retail side of the business. Therefore we opted to join forces with another reputable top quality UK manufacturer so that we could concentrate on sales and expansion.

As time went by we received customer enquiries for many other types of accessories and therefore naturally expanded into new areas such as men's cravats, knitted ties and braces. We also received much interest from ladies who were looking for jewellery scarves and gifts. Gradually, over time and with great care we sourced beautiful products for all of these and more. Supplying accessories to both the film industry and TV dramas such as Downton Abbey was an added bonus too!

Bringing things up to date. We are still very much a family business, with an emphasis on supplying quality products to our customers at reasonable price. With stock of hundreds of items which we supply to customers all over the world - accessorising your wardrobe has never been easier!

One thing that we particularly have fun with is our themed novelty ties and gifts. You will notice that a lot of our products have an interest attached to them such as golf, horse riding, animals, country themes etc. Over our many years of experience we know that something a little more personal always goes down well as a gift so we are constantly finding new items to add to our ever growing list of hobbies and interests.

We also understand that it is not easy finding gifts for family, friends and those you don't know so well and realise that these days time is in short supply, so many of our gifts and accessories are not found readily on the high street saving you precious hours to do the more important things in life.....