*Gift Buying - Tips For Men

Why do so many men find it difficult to buy gifts for women? With such a wide choice now available via the internet or high street shops there really should be no excuse for gift buying difficulties, yet still many of you have a problem so you tell us.

So, before you guys next buy a present for a lovely lady, have a little look at the following gift buying guide which will give you some hints and tips to purchasing gifts that will be received with real thanks.

  • Firstly, have a think about the woman you are buying for.  What is her age? Is she young at heart? Does she like classic or modern styles? What sort of things does she like/hate? Try to take time out to really think about the person for whom you are buying the gift.


  • Thinking about buying clothes for her?  Outer wear or something a little more seductive? The most important thing of all is to find out her size.  Make absolutely sure you have physically checked a recent piece of similar clothing before hitting the shops or internet.  There is nothing worse for a woman than receiving clothing in a size that was appropriate pre-children! (although, there are a few lucky devils out there who manage to retain their shape no matter what they put their bodies through!)


  • Buy underwear with extreme care! Will they be welcome? Is it something she enjoys wearing or will it be seen as a present for you not her. (now be honest guys!)


  • Next think about colour.  What colours do you normally see her in?  Does she wear bright colours or is she more a navy and black type of person?  If so, that is what she likes, so just because you think she should brighten up a bit doesn't mean a bright piece of clothing will be well received.


  • If you really want to try something colourful perhaps a scarf or a nice piece of costume jewellery would be a safer bet.  Again think about style.  Does she like heavier jewellery or would she prefer a fine chain?  Gold or silver coloured base - often women have a preference in some cases, matching the colour of their watch.  So you have decided this is a good idea..... 


  • Now think it through.  Necklace, bracelet, earrings or brooch?  If choosing a necklace, make sure it has an adjustable chain so that the length can be varied.  Bracelets can be a little more difficult but if you are unsure about size try buying an expandable bracelet just to be on the safe side.  Earrings come in both pierced and clips.  Therefore, ask yourself whether she has pierced ear, if not, clips are what you require.  Long drops or studs?  Finally brooches.  Some women do and some don't. If you know someone who enjoys wearing brooches think about the style they wear.  Is a themed brooch appropriate?  Has she a special interest such as cats or a hobby like gardening?  If so, you might be able to find a costume jewellery brooch matching her interest.  If she wears classic costume jewellery but you don't know her well enough to establish her tastes then stick to something traditional like a flower necklace or perhaps a butterfly brooch to be reasonably safe.


  • Of-course there are many other gifts that you could consider.  Our tip would be to always try to aim for something a little personal for the best results.


Finally a few general tips:

  • Do start looking for gifts weeks in advance of the date required.  Gift hunting at the last minute is always set for disaster especially when the alternative gift is given with the words "I really wanted to give you......but they had run out of stock!"
  • Do remember to take the price ticket off.  If care and attention has been given to the purchase she will not care or want to know what you paid for it.
  • Lastly, do not plonk the present in a carrier bag on her lap!  Take the time to wrap your well chosen gift.  She will not worry if it doesn't have all the ribbons and trimmings but she may well be dismayed at a carrier from Tesco's!!
  • .........and if all else fails, well you can always revert back to the ever safe box of chocolates and flowers!!!