Striped Ties

Silk Striped Ties and Striped Wool Ties with both broad and narrow designs in wonderful colour combinations.  Great with a shirt, lovely with a jumper, fantastic with a blazer. In fact, the classic stripy tie has come into it's own with these lovely colour combinations bringing it right up to date. A must for any man's wardrobe.

Further stripy ties can be found in our Atkinsons Irish Poplin Ties department.   You can find square end striped ties here: striped knitted ties

Cream Multi Striped Silk Tie

A cream silk tie with white, dark gold, bright blue and burgundy stripes.

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Lilac Striped Tie

A lilac tie with light blue, dark gold, navy and white stripes.

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Navy Striped Tie

A navy blue silk tie with white, red, light blue and orange stripes.

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Dark Purple Striped Tie

Smart striped silk tie with purples, blues, maroon and a touch of pink and white.

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Pink Striped Tie

A pink silk tie with white, dark gold, light blue and navy stripes.

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Mixed Tweeds Striped Tie

Vintage tweed effect striped woollen tie with light brown, dark brown and cream fine diagonal stripes and a subtle hint of olive green and peach colours going in the opposite direction.

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Grey, Maroon & Cream Striped Tie

Vintage style silver grey woollen tie with black maroon and cream narrow stripes.

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Dark Navy, Red & Gold Striped Tie

Vintage style dark navy wool tie with red and gold narrow stripes.

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Navy, Red & Cream Stripe Wool Tie

Vintage style navy woollen tie with red and cream diagonal fine line stripes.

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