Costume Jewellery Necklaces

Welcome to our Costume Jewellery Necklaces department. Our Indulgence Jewellery Necklaces and pendants range is a well known and respected brand name and whether you like modern jewellery or classic style necklaces we have something here that will suit all tastes. Designs are suitable for both day and evening wear and our fantastic range of enamel necklaces are suitable for everyone no matter what age.

The necklaces in this costume jewellery range are extremely well made using sparkling diamanté and luscious enamels. Our ladies accessories are displayed in beautiful presentation boxes so are also great to give as a gift. So go on, why not treat yourself or someone you love.....

If you like these necklaces and pendants, don't forget to look in our costume jewellery bracelets which include our Indulgence Jewellery Bracelets and Indulgence jewellery earrings, department for similar and matching items.

Do you keep your jewellery in a special place, or is it just loose on the dressing table? Why not have a look at our range of small Leather Jewellery Boxes to help you organise your life?

Indulgence Sparkly Robin Necklace

A beautiful robin necklace with diamanté red breast and sparkling wings by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Pear Drop Flower Necklace

A pretty pear shaped necklace with flower detail by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Multi Coloured Heart Necklace

A gorgeous multi coloured cubic zirconia heart necklace by Indulgence Jewellery.

71-INEC4225 DS
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Indulgence Colourful Petal Necklace

An attractive flower necklace with bright coloured petals by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Turquoise Butterfly Necklace

A beautiful turquoise butterfly necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Half Chain Red Bead Cluster Necklace

An attractive half chain necklace with assorted beads by Indulgence,

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Indulgence Diamanté Owl Necklace

A cute silver owl necklace by Indulgence Jewellery.

71-INEC4093 DS
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Indulgence Filigree Heart Necklace/Earrings Set

A pretty heart necklace and pierced earrings set in an open silver filigree design by Indulgence jewellery.

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Indulgence Gold & Silver Open Flower Necklace

A pretty open flower necklace by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Hammered Silver Fantail Necklace

An unusual silver fantail necklace by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Gold & Silver Textured Circle Necklace

A beautiful textured necklace by Indulgence with a large gold and an inner smaller circle pendant. 

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Indulgence Multicoloured Drops Necklace

Bring some colour to your outfit with this fun necklace by Indulgence jewellery.

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Indulgence Silver Dainty Circles Necklace

A beautiful dainty circle silver necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Colourful Flower Necklace

A beautiful colourful silver flower necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Knotted Links Silver Necklace

A gorgeous silver knotted necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Silver Daisy Necklace/Earrings Set

An extremely pretty daisy necklace and earring set by Indulgence.

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Indulgence White Floral Coloured Diamante Necklace

A beautiful floral necklace with colourful stones by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Silver Angel Necklace

A beautiful stylish silver guardian angel necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Silver Diamante Owl & Moon Pendant

A pretty owl and moon pendant by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Silver & Gold Double Circle Pendant

Glittering gold and silver circular pendant by Indulgence.

71-INEC3822 DS
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Indulgence Grey & Silver Hearts Necklace

A stylish grey and silvery white circles heart necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Blue Green Silver Twist Necklace

An eye catching dainty blue and green twist necklace by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Blue Flower Pendant

An extremely pretty, large blue flower pendant by Indulgence.

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Indulgence Gold Diamanté Double Heart Necklace

Gorgeous gold and silver double heart necklace by Indulgence.

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