Classic Mens Trouser Braces

A range of Men's Classic Trouser Braces in polka dots, fine stripes, regimental styles and a variety of plain coloured elasticated braces for day or evening wear.  Traditional designs for holding up trousers that have a tendency to go south! Our customer's tell us that men's braces are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the high street, so here we have a wide variety of braces to suit all tastes. 

We have been selling traditional braces for over fifteen years and have, in that time, not only supplied trouser braces to our customers but also to classic drama film sets and theatres.

Don't forget, we have further designs in our Novelty Braces department.


Navy Blue Multi Polka Dot Classic Trouser Braces


Blue & Pink Paisley Classic Trouser Braces

Black Polka Dot Trouser Braces

Navy Polka Dot Braces

Burgundy Polka Dot Braces

Black Pin Dot Trouser Braces

Dark Grey Fine Striped Men's Braces

Masonic Navy Braces

Masonic Black braces

Navy Burgundy Striped Braces

Taupe Navy Striped Braces

Men's Burgundy Paisley Trouser Braces

Classic Black & Green Paisley Braces

Men's Green Paisley Trouser Braces

Grey Tweed Style Clip On Braces

Grey & Red Striped Elasticated Trouser Braces

Beige & Brown Striped Elasticated Trouser Braces

Red Tartan Trouser Braces

Black & Grey Diamond Argyle Braces

Navy & Light Blue Diamond Argyle Braces

Red & White Large Polka Dot Braces

Navy Blue & White Large Polka Dot Braces

Black & White Large Polka Dot Braces

Grey & White Fine Striped Elasticated Braces