Novelty Braces

Novelty braces in a variety of themes.

Here you will find novelty braces in a variety of motifs include fishing braces, novelty music braces, country braces and more. Men's trouser braces with fun themes for those men who like to be a little flamboyant. These will brighten any clothing!

Made from strong elastic and trouser clips they are great fun, yet practical too!

Don't forget our Classic Men's Trouser Braces for further choices.

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Novelty Braces Fishing

Novelty Braces Shooting

XL Novelty Braces Field Sports

Men's Braces Brown Gundog Motif

Small Dog Breeds Trouser Braces

Garden Vegetable Trouser Braces

Denim Blue Tractor Braces

Beige Tractor Braces

Gardening Trouser Braces

Motor Racing Trouser Braces

Mens Trouser Braces Green Gundog Motif

XL Trouser Braces Green Gundog Motif

Gundog Country Scene Braces

Green Horses Head Trouser Braces

Mallard Duck Braces

Flying Mallard Duck Braces

Union Jack Braces

Music Note Trouser braces

Navy Blue Spitfire Aircraft Themed Trouser Braces

Light Olive Stag Trouser Braces

Dark Olive Stag Braces

Mallard Ducks Trouser Braces

Green Gardening Motif Braces

Grey DIY Tools Motif Braces