Classic Cufflinks

Our classic cufflinks department contains a variety of cufflinks suitable for day and evening wear.  We have cufflinks with stones, plain cufflinks as well as coloured enamels and classic knots. So whether your taste is purely classic or classic with a modern twist you should be able to find it here.

watch and cufflink boxes

Pink Barrel Cufflinks

A pair of pink and silver barrel cufflinks.

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Octagonal Multi Coloured Stone Cufflinks

An octagonal cufflink with colourful stone segments.

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Burgundy & Gold Enamel Cufflinks

A pair of rectangular burgundy and gold coloured enamel cufflinks with a wavy textured background. Boxed.

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Black Onyx Cut Corner Cufflinks

Traditional pair of black onyx cufflinks.

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Onyx & Mother of Pearl Striped Square Cufflinks

An attractive pair of square striped cufflinks.

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Square Paua Shell Cufflinks

A beautiful square cufflink with paua shell design.

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Blue & White Diagonal Striped Enamel Cufflinks

A smart blue and white striped oval cufflink.

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Blue Vertical Striped Silver Cufflinks

A rectangular cufflink with silver and blue stripe.

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Oval Cornelian Stone Gold Cufflinks

An elegant oval cufflink with cornelian stone.

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Ribbed Enamel Purple Cufflinks

A ribbed oblong cufflink with purple colouring.

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Blue & White Starburst Enamel Oval Cufflinks

An oval cufflink in blue and white enamel.

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Graduated Purple Square Enamel Cufflinks

A modern square cufflink with purple striped design.

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