Mens Wallets

A variety of mens wallets, coins purses, credit card holders and id passes in leather and canvas in many styles.

Is your wallet looking tired or perhaps held together with an elastic band? Do you lose your coins in the chair from your trouser pocket every time you stand up? Well if a new notecase is required we have a large variety here. Whether you prefer elegant leather or functional canvas, money wallet, coin purse or credit card holders we have them all.  So ditch the elastics and empty those pockets, your new money holder awaits!

Black Soft Leather Wallet & Card Holder

A beautifully soft leather wallet in black with space for credit/store cards, bank notes and id card.

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Black Grained Leather Popper Wallet

A black grained leather wallet with popper fastening for bank notes, credit/store cards, id and coins.

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Black Grained Leather Slimline Wallet

A neat black grained leather slimline wallet with space for credit/store cards and id.

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Black Billfold Wallet ID Holder

Smart stitched black leather billfold wallet (no clasp) with ID and credit card slots.

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Black Superior Leather Wallet With ID Coin Purse

A soft leather black wallet with compartments for notes, credit/store cards, id and coin holders.

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Black Superior Leather Wallet & Zipped Purse

A black superior leather wallet with space for bank notes, credit and store cards, id card and coins.

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Black Italian Leather Credit Card Holder

Top quality neat leather credit card holder made from Italian hide.

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Bank Note Money Clips

A variety of themed money clips to hold bank notes or other paperwork in place.

Leather Metal Rimmed Coin Purse

A leather coin purse with silver rimmed frame and internal pouch with popper fastening. Available in black or brown.

Gentlemen's Black Leather Jacket Wallet

This classic black jacket wallet is made from top quality leather synonymous with the Antler UK name. A beautiful leather accessory that will last for years.

Lancaster Aircraft Themed Leather Wallet

A black leather wallet with a Lancaster aircraft theme.

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Spitfire Themed Leather Wallet

A smart black leather wallet with a Spitfire aircraft theme.

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Cycling Themed Wallet

A colourful leather wallet with cycling scene.

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Electric Guitars Themed Wallet

A colourful leather wallet with electric guitars theme.

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Horse Racing Themed Wallet

A colourful leather wallet with horse racing scene.

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Vintage Motorbike Themed Wallet

A cream leather wallet with vintage motorbike theme.

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Race Horse Themed Wallet

A colourful wallet with race horse theme.

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Nautical Tall Ships Themed Wallet

A smart leather wallet with a tall ships theme and black interior with room for credit cards and bank notes.

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Electric Guitars Themed Coin Wallet

A black wallet with electric guitar theme.

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Retro Vintage Motorbikes Themed Wallet

A cream coloured wallet with motorbike theme.

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Men's Leather Hand Bag - Tan

Quality men's premium leather tan hand held bag.

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Leather Union Jack Wallet

Smart leather wallet with Union Jack design.

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