Horse Ties

A selection of horse ties, equestrian neckties and other horse theme ties including horseracing neckties and polo ties.

Each tie has stitched motif detail. We are pleased to be able to say that many of our ties are completely manufactured within the United Kingdom from weaving the material at the mill to sewing the material to make up the tie.

Horseshoe/Stirrup Tie

A Horseshoe and stirrup repeat motif on plain slim necktie. Available in Navy.

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Polo Tie

A polo tie with horse and polo riders with mallet.

Available in two colours.

Polo Players Tie

A Polo players tie Polo riders on horseback on a plain necktie.

Available in Navy.

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Horseracing Single Motif Tie

A horseracing single motif tie with racehorse and rider on mottled tie with black horses motif outline.

Theme available in two colours.

Horse Racing Colours & Saddles Tie

A beautiful horse racing colours tie with colourful race silks and saddles motifs. Made from pure silk.

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Yellow Horse Racing & Jockeys Tie

An eye catching silk horse racing themed tie with horses and jockeys in galloping pose on a lovely yellow background.

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Horses & Hounds Neck Tie

Eye-catching hunting horse and hounds tie with horses, riders, hounds, foxes and fauna on a bright red background.

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Navy & Turquoise Horse Bit Tie

A smart equine tie with subtle turquoise horse bit design on a navy blue background. Made in the UK from pure English silk.

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Themed Gold Horse Racing Tie

A stunning gold tie with a galloping horse and jockey in a repeat embroidered pattern. Made in the UK.

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Gold Horse Heads Neck Tie

A beautiful horse head neck tie in light gold with a detailed embroidered design.

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Themed Navy Blue Horse & Jockey Racing Tie

A smart navy blue themed horse racing tie with galloping horse and jockey wearing silks in a repeat embroidered pattern. Made in the UK.

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Themed Red Horse Racing Silk Tie

A beautiful red horse racing tie made from pure silk with an embroidered design in a repeat pattern. Made in the UK.

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Polo Players Tie

Themed Polo tie with sporting polo players on horseback with mallet in swinging pose in embroidered motifs on a red, top quality luxury English silk faille tie.

One of our themed silk ties premier collection.

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Red & Navy Blue Polo Players Striped Tie

A navy blue & red striped tie with embroidered polo players on horseback and mallets raised. Made in the UK.

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Navy Blue & Green Polo Players Motif Tie

A striped navy blue and green tie with polo players on horseback motif. Made in the UK.

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Navy & Gold Striped Polo Players Tie

A navy blue & gold horizontal striped tie with polo players on horseback and mallets raised. Made from pure English silk.

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Hunting Necktie

An unusual hunting motif tie with horses and hounds galloping scene on a mustard coloured background.

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Yellow Hunting Tie

This beautiful yellow hunting tie features horse, hounds and riders wearing red hunt clothing.

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Olive Green Silk Horse Racing Tie

A smart horse racing tie with a horse and jockey embroidered motif on an olive green necktie. Made in the UK.

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Navy Blue Horse Head & Horseshoes Tie

Attractive equine tie with horse head, horseshoes, crop and whip embroidered motifs on a navy blue background.

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Horse & Saddle Tie

Attractive equestrian themed tie with horse, saddle, riding cap and hunting horn motif on a red background.

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