Dog Ties

A selection of novelty themed dog breed ties with various dog breed motifs.

Our dog neckties include Labrador ties, Lurcher dog ties and other dog theme ties. Each dog necktie has stitched motif detail. We are pleased to be able to say that these dog motif neckties are completely manufactured within the United Kingdom from weaving the material at the mill to sewing the material to make up the tie.

Labrador - Dog Ties

A Labrador dog tie with embroidered Labradors in standing pose on plain necktie.

This theme is available in five colours including black Lab.

Lurcher - Dog Ties

A lurcher dog tie with racing Lurchers on plain necktie.

Theme available in two colours.

Spaniel - Dog Ties

A green motif tie with English Springer Spaniel dogs in standing pose on plain background. Smart tie representing this popular gundog breed.

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Gundog & Hares Silk Tie - Country Ties

A delightful country themed tie with gundogs and hares motif made from red English silk.

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Burgundy English Silk Yellow Labrador Tie

A premium quality yellow Labrador tie with fine embroidered motifs on an burgundy background which is made from pure English silk.

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Olive Green English Silk Yellow Labrador Tie

A beautiful yellow Labrador tie with embroidered motifs on an olive green background which is made from pure English silk.

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Navy Blue English Silk Yellow Labrador Dog Tie

For those of you with a passion for Labrador dogs, this smart silk navy neck tie is just the accessory for you.

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Navy Blue Pointer Dog Tie

A premium silk and merino wool tie with an embroidered Pointer motif on a navy blue background. Beautiful neckwear for lovers of this popular dog breed.

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Men's Green Silk Embroidered Dog Necktie

A luxury green silk tie with embroidered brown and white cute dogs in standing and jumping pose. Made from pure English silk.

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Navy Embroidered Dog Motif Tie

A gorgeous luxury tie with embroidered fun dog motifs in jumping and standing pose. Made from pure English silk.

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Pointer - Dog Ties

A Pointer dog tie with standing Pointers on a plain necktie.

Available in two colours.

Beagles Neck Tie

A Beagle dog tie with standing Beagles on a plain maroon neck tie.

Other colours available.

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