Children's Ties

Smart children's ties with themed motifs. Also plain ties for younger children and toddlers.

We have had the following motif children's ties especially made for young boys and girls. They are approximately 44 inches in length (all tie - no elastic!) with a blade of 3 inches. Each tie has stitched motif detail. These are great for eventing, sporting or just for fun. They are hard wearing and look very smart.

We are pleased to be able to say that these ties are completely manufactured within the United Kingdom from weaving the material at the mill to cutting and sewing the material to make up the tie.

made in the UK

Children's Landrover Tie

This popular children's tie has a Land Rover woven motif in a repeat pattern on a blue background. All tie and no elastic.

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Children's Green Landrover Tie

A smart children's tie with embroidered Landrover motifs in a repeat pattern on a green background.

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Children's Partridge Tie

Neat children's tie with an embroidered partridge motif both flying and standing, on a dark green background. All tie no elastic.

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Child's Olive Green Flying Pheasant Tie

Child's country tie with embroidered flying pheasants motif on an olive green background. All tie no elastic.

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Children's Pheasant Tie

Children's tie with a standing pheasant embroidered motif on a plain dark green background. Lovely tie for country clothing.

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Children's Horsehead/Horseshoe Tie

A very smart embroidered children's motif tie with horse heads, horseshoe, whip and crop on a plain green tie. All tie, no elastic.

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Children's Cycling Tie

For children who like bikes, this child's cycling tie with embroidered motifs on a navy blue background will do the job nicely. All tie, no elastic.

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Children's Car Tie

Eye catching child's car themed tie with various coloured cars running the length of the necktie on a blue grey background.

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Green Children's Car Tie

A colourful children's car tie with colourful embroidered vehicle motifs on a light green background. All tie no elastic.

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Children's Flying Pheasant Tie

Children's tie featuring a flying and standing pheasant motif on plain background.

Children's Mallard Tie

Children's Country Mallard Tie.

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Children's Woodland Pheasant Tie

Children's Woodland Pheasant Tie.

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Pony Club Tie

Official children's Pony Club Tie.

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Children's Bow Ties

Elasticated Children's Bow Ties

Children's Plain Ties

Plain ties for the younger child.

Children's Horsehead Tie

Child's horse head tie

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Children's Plain Blue Tie

Children's Plain Bright Blue Tie

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Children's Plain Black Tie

Children's Plain Black Tie

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