Plain Wool Ties

Smart plain wool ties in an extensive range of colours to suit all tastes.

Classic plain woollen neckties are an absolute essential when you need a tie in a hurry, or you are on the move. Not only because they look good but because they are pretty forgiving if put through a heavy night out on the town! Once the favourite for mature gentlemen and country folk, these soft neckties have had a significant revamp. With beautiful new vibrant colours like plum, saffron yellow and denim blue there is a colour to match any outfit whether you are young or old.

Why buy from us? Well, we are pleased to be able to say that our neckties are made from 100% wool and are completely manufactured within the United Kingdom from weaving the material at the mill to sewing the material, to make up. So your purchase will help to support UK manufacturing.

Below we have included our neckties in group photos to help you choose the right shade.

More plain neckwear can be found in the wool tweed ties  plain silk & satin ties and our very popular silk square end knitted ties and wool knitted ties departments.

made in the UK

Plain Wool Ties - Dark Denim, Mid Denim, Navy, Saxe BluePlain Wool Ties - Dark Brown, Camel, Mid Brown, TweedPlain Wool Ties - Moss Green, Bottle Green, Oatmeal, Olive GreenPlain Neckties - Mid Red, Lilac, Grey, Bright RedMens Ties: Rust, Burnt Orange, Saffron, Yellow

Dark Brown Plain Wool Ties

A standard 9cm width dark brown plain wool tie.

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Plain Moss Green Wool Tie

A striking moss green tie made from pure new wool.

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Plain Bottle Green Wool Tie

A smart bottle green plain wool tie in a standard 9cm width.

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Plain Olive Green Wool Tie

A traditional olive green plain wool tie in standard 9cm width.

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Plain Saffron Yellow Wool Tie

A beautiful saffron yellow wool tie in standard 9cm width.

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Dark Denim Blue Wool Tie

A smart plain dark denim blue wool tie in a standard 9cm width.

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Mid Denim Blue Wool Tie

An attractive mid denim blue tie made from pure new wool in standard 9cm width.

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Plain Saxe Blue Wool Tie

A saxe blue plain wool tie in standard 9cm width.

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Plain Navy Wool Tie

A classic plain navy blue wool tie in a standard 9cm width.

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Plain Rust Wool Tie

An eye catching rust coloured plain wool tie in a stadard 9cm width.

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Plain Bright Red Wool Tie

A cheery bright red plain wool tie in a standard 9cm width.

6-U103/81 (DS)
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Plain Medium Red Wool Tie

A medium red plain wool tie in a standard 9cm width.

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Plain Burgundy Wool Tie

A classic burgundy plain wool tie with a standard 9cm width.

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Plain Black Wool Tie

A plain black wool tie with a standard 9cm width.

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Plain Plum Wool Tie

A gorgeous plum coloured plain tie made from a blended wool material suitable for any occasion. Available in two widths.