Ornaments & Collectables

A beautiful range of ornaments and collectable gifts for men and women.  Our ornaments include a range of contemporary bronzes as well as pottery, ceramics and pewter.  Our collectables include pewter trinket boxes from Hidden Treasures. These award winning boxes have a wonderful enamel lustrous finish and make a fantastic gifts when you are looking for a present that is a little different. If you are still stuck for a gift don't forget to look in our Gifts for Him   Gifts for Her and Themed Gifts departments for further ideas.

Ceramic Moon Dreams Ornament - Friends

A beautiful small ornament with two friends sat on a crescent moon.

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Ceramic Moon Dreams Ornament - Mum & Daughter

A gorgeous ornate ornament with mother and daughter figurines sat on a moon.

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Attractive Small Brown Chicken Ornament

A small tactile brown chicken ornament with detailed markings and features.

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Tactile Cute Brown Duck Ornaments

A beautiful tactile pair of brown duck ornaments with detailed markings and cute features.

Contemporary Bronze Sitting Hare Ornament

A beautiful contemporary tactile hare ornament in a sitting pose made from cold cast bronze.

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Contemporary Bronze Swimming Dolphin Ornament

An attractive sleek swimming dolphin ornament in a contemporary style made from cold cast bronze.

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Colourful Swirl Patterned Cat Ornament

An attractive cat ornament in a contented pose.

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Smiley Shaggy Sheep Ornaments

A cute pair of smiley shaggy sheep pottery ornaments with looped wool bodies, wearing a tartan bow tie and a wide smile on their faces.

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Smiley Frog Paperweights

These cute frogs with big eyes and smiley faces can be used as paperweights or ornaments.

Open Winged Owl Ornament

A beautiful owl ornament with open wings in a bronze effect finish.

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Wide Mouth Frog Paperweights

These ceramic frogs, with grinning wide mouths can be used as paperweights or great fun just as an ornament. Quirky gift for frog collectors.

Rainbow Trout Trinket Box

A beautiful ceramic shaped rainbow trout trinket box by 'Pointers of London' .

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Grayling Trinket Box

An attractive shaped ceramic grayling fish trinket box by 'Pointers of London'.

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Salmon Trinket Box

An attractive shaped ceramic salmon fish trinket box by 'Pointers of London'.

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Spaniel Trinket Box

An attractive shaped ceramic Springer Spaniel dog trinket box by 'Pointers of London'.

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Owl Trinket box

An attractive shaped ceramic Owl trinket box by 'Pointers of London'.

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Labrador Retriever Trinket Box

An attractive shaped ceramic Labrador Dog trinket box by 'Pointers of London'.

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Dragonfly Trinket Box

A miniature dragonfly trinket box with a jewel encrusted dragonfly pin on a beautiful pink pearlised enamel oval pot.

13-69616 dfly
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Fairy Toadstool Trinket Pot

A miniature bright red toadstool trinket pot with a jewel encrusted fairy perched on the top.

13-6988 fairy
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Caterpillar & Cabbage Trinket Box

Small and perfectly formed green cabbage enamel trinket box with caterpillar.

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Colourful Kingfisher Trinket Box

A gorgeous trinket box with stunning kingfisher (by Hidden Treasures) sat on a branch in reeds.

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Marmalade Cat Trinket Box

A stripey Marmalade cat trinket box with a pretty, white face and chest from Hidden Treasures.

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Tractor Trinket Box

Attractive replica Massey Ferguson Tractor trinket box with hidden gift.

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Friesian Cow Trinket Box

Smart Friesian Cow Trinket Box with black and white enamelling.

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