Mugs & Tea Sets

A lovely collection of mugs and tea sets with themes such as tractors, cycling, owls, butterflies and many more.

A smashing way to enjoy your first morning cuppa and a great gift!


White China Flowers and Butterflies Mug

Enjoy your tea or coffee in this beautiful white china mug with gorgeous colourful flowers and butterflies pattern.

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Blue Green China Sheep Mug

Enjoy your morning cup of tea in this charming muted blue green china mug with sheep motifs. Great gift for anyone who loves this popular farm animal.

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Colourful Owl China Mug

A very pretty china mug with colourful owls in blues, pinks and purples. Lovely way to drink your morning cuppa.

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Pink Pig in Wellies China Mug

You can't help but smile at this pink pig in silver polkadot wellies china mug designed by Bree Merryn. A real cutie in booties.

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Cow Mug & Farmyard Storage Tin

Attractive mug with cow and calf design and the delightful words 'big brown eyes, coat of silk, eating grass, making milk.

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Floral Butterfly Meadow China Mug Set

A set of four pretty mugs with a floral meadow and butterfly design in blues, reds, greens and more. Beautiful set for everyday use.

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British Classic Train Mug

A cream china mug with pictures of classic British trains including The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Duchess of Hamilton and more. Great gift for railway enthusiasts.

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Vintage Landrover Scene Mug

A vintage Landrover mug with an attractive scene of a land rover in a workshop ready for washing.

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Vintage Tractor Scene Mug

A vintage tractor mug with a beautifully decorated scene of old farm vehicles in a country setting.

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China Greyhound Mug

Sturdy china mug with Greyhound dog breed colours including white & black, brindle, blue, red & white, fawn and more on a cream background.

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Large Letter Bowls China Mug

A cream china lawn bowls mug with a picture of two bowls and a pair of bowling shoes and large letter word 'bowls'. Great gift for those who love this popular sport.

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Large Letter Horse Riding China Mug

A cream china horse riding mug with a saddle and riding crop and large letter word 'riding'.

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Steam Train China Mug

An attractive steam train china mug with steam trains billowing smoke and a railway station platform scene from a bygone era.

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Hawker Hurricane China Mug

A beautiful aerial picture of a Hawker Hurricane aircraft flying over green landscape on a china mug.

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Black Labrador Puppy Dog Mug

A charming china mug with a black Labrador puppy dog sat in a game bag. Lovely way to enjoy a cup of tea!

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'Old Friends' Horse Equestrian Mug

An attractive china horse mug with an equestrian picture showing black and bay horses in a friendly greeting. A wonderful way to enjoy your daily cuppa's.

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Fine China Butterfly Mug

A colourful china butterfly mug with a variety of large and small pretty butterflies in a multitude of colours on a cream coloured mug.

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Chicken Mug & Coaster Set

An attractive mug decorated with chickens along with matching square drinks coaster.

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Friesian Cow Mug & Coaster Set Country Scene

A beautiful frieisan cow china mug and coaster set with an attractive country scene.

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Landrovers Through The Ages Mug

A smart cream mug with Landrovers through the ages motifs including Series 1, 2, and 1/2 ton lightweight. Lovely gift for farmers, military and enthusiasts.

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Country Rabbits China Mug

Cute brown rabbits on this china mug with the word 'rabbit' written in large blue letters.

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