Novelty Ties

Looking for novelty ties? Here at Elegant Extras we have fun ties to suit all tastes. Our novelty themed ties include animals and insects, transport, sports and many more fun designs.  Many of our neckties have embroidered motifs that have a striking appearance and contain lots of detail. Our embroidered ties are milled and hand finished in the UK to the highest standard.

So whether you are looking for a smart tie, just for fun to reflect your personality or interests, or as a personal gift, we have something here for you.

You will find more novelty accessories in the following departments:  Novelty Braces  Novelty Bow Ties  Novelty Cufflinks  Country Ties

Sports Ties

Anyone for tennis? Well maybe cricket, football or fishing then? All available in our sports ties department.

Novelty Aeroplane Ties

You'll be flying high in one of our aeroplane ties. Spitfire, Lancaster and Wellington Bomber aircraft just to name a few.

Novelty Transport Ties

Whether on land or sea our transport ties will match your interests with vehicles, ships and car ties just a few of the themes on offer.

Novelty Hobby Ties

This department contains hobby ties not in any other category including music ties and gardening ties.

Novelty Animal & Insect Ties

Beautiful animal ties with badgers, stags, hares and even elephant designs.