Fun doorstops including animal themes to keep your doors open on a breezy day. Animals include hedgehogs, frogs, dogs and pigs and many more.

A beautiful yet practical way to stop your doors from banging and doorstops full of character that will make you smile.

Soft Velveteen Highland Cow Doorstop

This humorous highland cow novelty doorstop is a fun way to keep the door from slamming. You can't help but smile at the inelegant pose and he or she will make themselves at home in any farmhouse.

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Soft Velveteen Hound Dog Doorstop

Adorable novelty hound dog doorstop in dark grey with characteristic long ears and soulful cute face who will greet you at whichever door you choose.

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Soft Velveteen Fox Doorstop

Sitting proud and alert, our rust coloured novelty fox doorstop is both functional and a fun way to keep your door open.

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Soft Velveteen Grey Elephant Doorstop

A cute, weighted novelty grey elephant doorstop made from a soft velveteen material. Charming way to prop a door open.

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Striped Linen Grey Cat Doorstop

An adorable novelty cat doorstop in grey striped linen pattern with cute beaded eyes and stitched whiskers in a stretched out pose.

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Soft Velveteen Pink Pig Doorstop

This weighted novelty pink pig doorstop made from soft velveteen is a fun new addition to our range and will efficiently keep open any persistently closing door.

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Light Brown Corded Dog Doorstop

A cute light brown dog novelty doorstop made from corded material with black button eyes and cute felt nose.

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Cute Leatherette Furry Hedgehog Door Stop

A cute novelty hedgehog doorstop with leatherette features, bead eyes and beautiful soft fur ears and back, for keeping doors open that would rather stay shut.

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Patterned Green Frog Doorstop

Fun novelty green frog doorstops with smiley faces in a variety of three patterns, spots, dots and checks. A lovely way to hold open any door.

Multi Striped Dog Doorstop

Our stripey dog doorstop will sit guarding your door waiting for your return, ready to prop your door open on any breezy day!

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