Patterned Ties

A wide range of modern and classic patterned ties for any occasion.

Choose from flamboyant floral patterned neck ties to classic neat pattern designs in both silk and man-made materials.

Bright Blue Bold Floral Tie

An impressive bright blue silk tie with yellow, pink and blue flowers in a diagonal pattern. Just the job for a plain shirt.

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Gold Teardrop Silk Tie

A beautiful light gold herringbone tie with embroidered small navy teardop pattern.

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Pink Teardrop Silk Tie

A beautiful light pink herringbone tie with embroidered small blue teardrop pattern.

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Light Gold Silk Jacquard Woven Patterned Tie

A beautiful light gold jacquard woven silk tie with light blue subtle pattern. A gorgeous luxury tie which is made from pure English silk.

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Blue Silk Jacquard Woven Patterned Tie

A beautiful blue Jacquard woven patterned tie with light pink subtle design suitable for daywear or occasion.

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Pink Silk Jacquard Patterned Tie

An elegant pink Jacquard woven tie with a subtle light blue patterned design which is made from English silk.

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Turquoise Patterned Narrow Tie

A beautiful turquoise tie with a neat diamond pattern in a slim width suitable for any occasion.

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