Lightweight Scarves

A selection of ladies lightweight scarves for day and evening wear.  There is nothing like a lightweight scarf for adding a bit of glamour to a plain outfit. Our scarves are great for a variety of tasks. They can change day clothing into evening wear, smarten up a business outfit, are useful on holidays when the sun is just that bit too hot for your neck, or as flamboyant head wear.

In a variety of colours and patterns this is one accessory not to be without.

Light Blue Scarf

A pretty light blue lightweight scarf with oblong design.

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Blue Check Scarf

A smart light and dark blue 'burberry' style checked scarf.

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Patterned Blue Scarf

A criss cross patterned blue scarf with diamond band in dusky blues. Long straight scarf.

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Blue Green Scarf

Patterned scarf with dusky blues and light green colours in a delicate smudged pattern. Long straight scarf.

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Blue Flower Scarf

A pretty blue floral scarf with modern style peach flowers. Long straight scarf.

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Turquoise Scarf

A very pretty, ladies turquoise scarf with blue floral detail. Long straight scarf.

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Blue/Green Striped Scarf

Ladies striped dark blue and light green scarf. Long straight scarf.

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Blue Striped Flower Scarf

Graded blue striped floral scarf with white flower design. Long straight scarf.

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Silver Grey Scarf

A silver grey modern design scarf in silvery grey and light blue colours. Long straight scarf.

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Ladies Blue Striped Scarf

Navy, light blue and white scarf with horizontal stripes. Long straight scarf.

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Ladies Sheer Blue Scarf

A ladies sheer blue scarf with merging blues and turquoises giving a bright splash of colour.

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Ladies Brown Striped Scarf

A striking black, white and brown scarf with horizontal stripes. Long straight scarf.

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Earth Coloured Scarf

A earth coloured scarf with striped black, brown and cream colours. Long straight scarf.

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Brown Flower Scarf

A pretty brown flower scarf with blue, gold and brown colours and striped banding. Long straight scarf.

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Brown Flower Heads Scarf

A brown scarf with light beige and orangey coloured flower heads. Long straight scarf.

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Brown Animal Striped Scarf

A brown and cream animal stripe scarf. Long straight scarf.

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Ladies Black checked Scarf

A smart black 'burberry' style checked scarf. Long straight scarf.

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Ladies Brown Zig Zag Scarf

Light brown scarf with zig zag design and pale brown line panels. Long straight scarf.

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Blue Brown Scarf

A golden brown ladies scarf with threads of blue running through the material. Long straight scarf.

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Ladies Burgundy Scarf

A burgundy 'burberry' style check with large medallion detail. Long straight scarf.

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Striped Purple Scarf

An attractive ladies purple scarf with stripes of varying shades of purples and mauves.

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Ladies Plain Chenille Scarves

A selection of very soft, plain chenille scarves.

Ladies Chenille Scarves

A selection of very soft, chenille scarves.