Atkinsons Burgundy Narrow Striped Irish Poplin Tie

When it comes to classic designs you cannot beat a burgundy striped Atkinsons Royal Irish Poplin Tie with a mustard, narrow diagonal double stripe in a matt finish.

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Atkinsons Red, Navy Blue & White Striped Irish Poplin Tie

A smart Atkinsons red Irish poplin tie with a navy blue and white diagonal striped pattern in a matt finish.

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Green Standing Pheasant Tie

A lovely pheasant tie in standing pose with embroidered birds on a plain green background.


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Mid Blue Multi Spot Clip-on Tie

Attractive mid blue clip-on tie with tiny multi spot design in green, pink, orange and white.

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Navy Blue Textured Clip-on Tie

A navy blue clip-on tie with a tiny square textured design. A classy subtle style for day or evening wear.

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Dark Navy Blue Horizontal Stripe Clip-on Tie

Classic dark navy blue clip-on tie with a white horizontal stripe for business or pleasure. Easy to put on and release.

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Red Pin Dot Clip-on Tie

A smart, bright red clip-on tie with a pin dot design in white. Made in the UK.

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Burgundy Polka Dot Clip-on Tie

Traditional burgundy clip-on tie with a small white polka dot pattern.

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Mixed Blue Spots & Stripes Clip-on Tie

A smart clip-on tie in mixed blue shades with a striped pattern interspersed with rows of spots.

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Golden Mustard Large Paisley Pattern Silk Tie

An eye catching large paisley pattern golden mustard tie made from beautiful English silk with a splash of light brown, black and bright blue.

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Indulgence Diamanté Flower Stud Earrings

Eye catching pair of diamanté flower stud earrings by Indulgence with a cluster of raised pastel stones that reflect in the light.

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Cute Prickly Hedgehog Trinket Box

A very cute hedgehog trinket box (by Hidden Treasures) with prickles, long snout, little ears and the odd leaf!

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Light Blue Yellow Butterflies Tie

Attractive light blue tie with yellow butterflies, multi coloured bees and a few bugs thrown in for good measure! Fun necktie for those who love creepy crawlies.

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Plain Brown Slim Width Silk Knitted Tie

A plain brown slim width silk tie in a knitted style for those who prefer a narrow width necktie. Made in the UK using the finest silks.

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Broad Striped Navy Gold Silk Knitted Tie

A navy blue and gold silk tie in a knitted style with a broad horizontal striped design. Made in the UK using the finest silks.

6-N997/64 DS
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Oatmeal Silk Knitted Tie

A classic plain oatmeal silk knitted tie with a neat square end. This beautiful tie has just a slight sheen making it look very classy men's accessory.

6-N997/12 DS
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Lovat Green Light Herringbone Tie

A very traditional lovat green tie in a coarse weave with a light herringbone pattern which is milled, lined and hand finished in the UK.

6-U121/26 DS
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Indulgence Multi Coloured Chevron Bracelet

This dainty multi coloured chevron bracelet by Indulgence really stands out as a winner. The eye catching iridescent colours give this piece of jewellery an expensive look and include include blues, purples and pinks.

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Indulgence Sparkly Gold & Silver Multi Stoned Bracelet

A stunning gold and silver coloured expandable bracelet by Indulgence Jewellery, interspersed with beautiful light reflecting multi coloured crystal beads.

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Indulgence Vintage Style Butterfly Brooch

A beautiful butterfly brooch by Indulgence in vintage style with navy blue and red enamels and a sprinkle of good quality diamanté.

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Indulgence Purple Heart & Flowers Filigree Necklace

A colourful purple heart and flowers filigree necklace by Indulgence, with floral enamel detail and encrusted with diamanté.

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Indulgence Silver Open Flower Necklace

An elegant flower necklace by Indulgence Jewellery with cut out petals and central white diamanté on an adjustable silver chain.

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Indulgence Pink Fantail Necklace

A colourful pink and purple graduated fantail necklace by Indulgence.

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Pre-tied Pink Diagonal Striped Bow Tie

An attractive silk pink bow tie with diagonal cream and dark grey fine stripes in a matt finish.

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