Equilibrium Hand Painted Floral Charm Necklace

Pretty floral small charm necklace by Equilibrium with hand painted detail in purples, pinks and green on a silver chain.

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Indulgence Sparkly Three Flower Drop Necklace

An elegant sparkly three flower silver drop necklace with sparkles and diamanté by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Large Pear Drop Blue Stone Pendant

A stunning large upside down pear drop shaped pendant by Indulgence with exquisite white diamanté surrounding a large pear shaped blue cut stone on a black enamel base.

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Sky Blue White Spot Cotton Handkerchief

A vibrant sky blue cotton handkerchief with a white spot design and a double white line border.

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Light Blue Spotted Handkerchief Square

Large light blue cotton handkerchief square with white spots and double striped border.

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Purple Spotted Handkerchief Square

Large purple cotton handkerchief square with white spots and double striped border.

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Rust Brown Donegal Mix Tweed Wool Scarf

A hard wearing Donegal tweed rust brown scarf for men. Made from a combination of wool and silk with small fringed edge.

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Navy Blue Small Paisley Patterned Braces

Clip-on Navy Blue Paisley Elasticated Braces

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Burgundy & White Fine Striped Elasticated Braces

A pair of burgundy elasticated braces with fine vertical white striped detail.

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White & Red Large Spot Trouser Braces

A smart pair of white braces with extra large red spot pattern in clip on style.

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Green Circle Pattern Trouser Braces

Elasticated Green Circle Pattern Clip-on Braces

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Navy Blue Circle Pattern Trouser Braces

Elasticated Navy Blue Circle Pattern Clip-on Braces

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Red & Blue Neat Silk Paisley Patterned Cravat

An attractive Ascot red silk cravat with colourful neat paisley pattern in blue and yellow which is repeated on the reverse, made from pure English silk.

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Classic Cherry Red & Blue Silk Paisley Cravat

A traditional paisley cravat in a beautiful medium cherry red with blue and cream detail which is repeated on the reverse. Made in the UK from English silk.

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Black & Blue Diamond Pattern Silk Cravat

A smart black silk Ascot cravat with a two tone blue diamond pattern edged in mustard gold and finished with a plain co-ordinated cotton backing. Made in the UK from pure English silk.

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Navy Blue & Turquoise Block Pattern Clip-on Tie

Navy blue and turquoise clip on tie with an unusual block patterned design. Smart neckwear for any occasion.

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Striped Blue & Burgundy Clip-on Tie

Smart burgundy clip on tie with blue and light grey diagonal striped pattern suitable for day or evening wear.

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Navy Multi Coloured Polka Dot Silk Tie

An eye catching navy blue English silk jacquard tie with an embroidered multi coloured embroidered polka dot design.

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Indulgence Blue & White Diamanté Butterfly Brooch

An elegant butterfly brooch (by Indulgence) with blue and white enamel detail and enhanced with crystals.

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Contemporary Bronze Majestic Deer Stag Ornament

An impressive majestic deer stag ornament in a contemporary style made from cold cast bronze.

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Designer Perpetual Block Calendar With Plant Theme

A contemporary wooden perpetual block calendar with a plant theme including thistles, dandelion clocks and bamboo design in teal, white and grey.

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Themed Silk Red Wine Tie

A themed red wine tie with bottles motif, glasses, barrels and that all important bottle opener! Great gift for those who love a tipple of the good stuff!

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Halifax Bomber Tie

A striking embroidered motif Halifax Bomber Necktie. Available in Navy.

6-F500-60 (DS)
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Navy Blue & Pink Silk Polka Dot Cravat

A classic navy blue Ascot cravat with a medium sized pale pink polka dot pattern. Made in the UK from pure English silk.

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