Snoozies - Indoor Footwear

Looking for ladies slippers? Well Snoozies could be just what you need. Not quite a slipper but so much more than a sock, this snug indoor footwear is blissfully soft and warm.

They are light weight, washable, come in various sizes and best of all, lots of fun designs to suit all tastes. Snoozies have a non slip grip on the underside and are great for young and old. They are just the job for tired or cold feet and won't press hard on those tender spots from wearing heels all day. Great for every day use and useful when you are packing for holidays or even hospital visits.

So go on......treat your feet or better still, treat someone else's, they will be very grateful!

Ladies Snoozies - Lilac Polkadot

Aching feet? Then pop on a pair of these beautifully soft lilac polkadot Snoozies.

Ladies Snoozies - Grey Polkadot

A practical grey pair of Snoozies indoor slippers with polkadots.

Ladies Snoozies - Pink Polkadot

Hard day? Then slip your feet into a pair of these super soft pink polkadot Snoozies slippers.

Ladies Snoozies - Light Blue Polkadot

A pair of super soft blue polkadot Snoozies with multi coloured embroidered spots.

Ladies Snoozies - Bee Amazing

An attractive pair of blue ladies snoozies with a bee theme.

Ladies Snoozies - Wine Time

For ladies who love wine we have this beautiful pair of themed purple slipper Snoozies.

Ladies Snoozies - Highland Cow

A delightful pair of ladies pink snoozies with a highland cow theme.

Ladies Snoozies - Black Cat

A smart pair of ladies grey indoor slipper Snoozies with a black cat theme.

Snoozies - Sun & Rainbow Rise & Shine

A pair of bright blue Snoozies indoor slippers with a rainbow theme.

Snoozies - Gin Made Me Do It

Extra soft Snoozies in an attractive turquoise green design with a gin theme.

Snoozies - Night Owl

Extra soft and furry night owl Snoozies for cold feet.

Snoozies - Black Cat Peek a Boo

A snug pair of soft bright blue Snoozies with a black cat theme.

Snoozies - I Don't Give A Hoot

A fun pair of ladies purple indoor slipper Snoozies with an owl theme.

Snoozies - I Love Hedgehugs

A beautiful pair of lilac Snoozies indoor slippers with a hedgehog theme.

Lightweight Snoozies - Paw Print

New! Take a look at these nifty lightweight ladies snoozies with a pawprint design in black and white with pouch.

Lightweight Snoozies - Colourful Cocktail Drinks

New! Take a look at these nifty lightweight ladies snoozies with a colourful cocktail drink glass design in cream with storage pouch.

Lightweight Snoozies - Pink Flowers

New! Pretty, handy lightweight ladies snoozies with a colourful pink flower pattern design with storage pouch.

Lightweight Snoozies - Wine & Glass

New! Take a look at these great lightweight ladies snoozies with colourful wine glass design in cream with storage pouch.

Girl's Snoozies - Cinderella & Carriage

Cute girl's Snoozies with Cinderella and carriage motifs on a pretty pink background.

Girl's Snoozies - Mermaid & Treasure Chest

Cute girl's Snoozies with Mermaid and Treasure Chest on a beautiful turquoise background.

Girl's Snoozies - Fairy & Toadstool House

Cute girl's Snoozies with Fairy & Toadstool House motif on a bright pink background.

Snoozies - Multi Zig Zag

On your feet all day? Then these adult Snoozies slipper style slip-ons with a pink zig zag pattern are made for you.

Men's Snoozies - In The Pub

A smart pair of light weight navy blue men's Snoozies with a beer theme.

Men's Snoozies - Born To Ride A Bicycle

An attractive pair of men's navy blue and red Snoozies with cycling theme.