Atkinsons Irish Poplin Ties

A selection of beautiful Atkinsons Royal Irish Poplin Ties in a variety of stunning designs and colours to suit every taste.

In 1820, Richard Atkinson pioneered the development of Irish Poplin which at that time was used for clothing. In the early 1900's, the fabric was discovered to be excellent for making ties and cravats due to its hard wearing properties, sharpness and shape retention. Atkinsons Ties have been synonymous with quality and classic style ever since.

Acknowledgement was bestowed on the Company by both Queen Victoria and other Royal Households throughout Europe and is still worn to this day, by members of Royalty.  Now you too can also be the proud owner of a piece of history............... made in the UK

Atkinsons Light Blue Striped Irish Poplin Tie

When you want an eye catching tie for summer this beautiful light blue Royal Irish Poplin Tie by Atkinsons with a dark navy blue and cream stripe in a matt finish will definitely fit the bill.

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Lilac, Yellow & Orange Broad Striped Irish Poplin Tie

A cheery lilac, mauve, orange and pale yellow Atkinsons Tie made from Royal Irish Poplin in a diagonal broad stripe design with a matt finish.

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Atkinsons Navy, Blue & White Striped Irish Poplin Tie

An elegant Atkinsons navy blue Irish poplin tie with a light blue & white diagonal striped pattern in a matt finish.

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Atkinsons Navy Blue & Apple Green Broad Striped Irish Poplin Tie

A distinctive navy blue and apple green diagonal broad striped tie made by Atkinsons from Royal Irish Poplin.

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Atkinsons Green Narrow Striped Irish Poplin Tie

A green Atkinsons Royal Irish Poplin Tie with a narrow single yellow and double navy blue diagonal stripe pattern in a matt finish.

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Atkinsons Blues, Gold & Yellow Stripe Irish Poplin Tie

A colourful striped Atkinsons Tie made from Royal Irish Poplin with navy blue, bright blue, mustard gold and pale yellow medium width stripes in a diagonal pattern with a matt finish.

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