Aircraft Cufflinks

Novelty Aircraft Cufflinks for all aeroplane and flight enthusiasts.

Our aircraft cufflink themes include Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber, Apache Helicopter, Tri-Plane, Concorde and more!

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Spitfire Cufflinks

A very neat pair of rhodium Spitfire Cufflinks. These are very popular with our ex servicemen who have served in years gone by with the RAF.

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Apache Helicopter Cufflinks

A pair of novelty Apache Helicopter Cufflinks on white background.

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RAF Roundel Cufflinks

A pair of RAF roundel cufflinks in traditional red, white and blue.

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Hot Air Balloon Cufflinks

Brightly coloured hot air balloon cufflinks appropriate for those love this popular pastime.

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Tri Plane Cufflinks

A stunning pair of rhodium tri plane cufflinks.

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Concorde Cufflinks

A nice pair of Concorde Cufflinks in flight.

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Space Shuttle Cufflinks

A pair of Space Shuttle Rocket cufflinks for the spaceman in your life!

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Hurricane Aircraft Cufflinks

A smart pair of Hawker Hurricane Aircraft Cufflinks.

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Lancaster Bomber Cufflinks

A nice pair of Lancaster Bomber Cufflinks. Our aircraft products are always very popular with ex servicemen who have seen service.

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