Sports & Hobbies Cufflinks

A range of Novelty Sports & Hobbies Cufflinks for all sport enthusiasts and those with a particular hobby or past time.  Our sports and hobby themes include golf, lawn bowls, DIY, gardening and lots more.

Theatrical Mask Cufflinks

Theatrical mask novelty cufflinks representing the comedy/tragedy symbol.  "To have or not to have", that is the question - well nearly anyway!

66-90-1035 (disc)
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Enamel Golf Cufflinks

A pair of men's golf cufflinks in blue enamel with a golfer swinging a golf club.

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Golf Cufflinks

A pair of engraved golf cufflinks featuring a golfer swinging a club.

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Spanner Cufflinks

A delightful pair of spanner and wrench cufflinks. Realistic but for shirt wear only! Super gift for the diy man in your life.

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Hammer & Saw Cufflinks

A pair of men's hammer and saw cufflinks which make a lovely gift for the DIY enthusiast.

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Wellie Boot Cufflinks

A pair of novelty wellie boot cufflinks in bright green for gardeners, country folk and other wellington boot wearers! Great fun!

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Watering Can Cufflinks

A pair of green realistic watering can cufflinks.

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Playstation Control Cufflinks

A pair of black Playstation control cufflinks with realistic buttons and joysticks.

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