Clip-on Ties

Smart men's clip-on ties for every day and special occasions when quick release or ease of use is required.

Our range of clip on ties includes patterns, both classic designs and some with a bit more pazzazz for those who wish to make a statement plus plain ties to clip on for work wear, black tie and other social events.

made in the UK

Patterned Green Clip-on Tie

A smart clip-on tie in olive green colours with a yellow large criss-cross pattern from top to bottom. Made in the UK.

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Grey Patterned Clip-on Tie

Smart grey patterned clip-on tie for any occasion. Graded background with muted gold design. Made in the UK.

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Patterned Red Clip-on Tie

Bright snazzy red clip on tie with background square design and tiny white and dark squares stitched in each centre. Made in the UK.

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Gold Patterned Clip-on Tie

A beautiful deep gold textured clip-on tie with pattern in two colours of blue running throughout. Made in the UK.

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Navy & Yellow Polka Dot Clip-on Tie

A navy clip-on tie with a raised stitched criss-cross pattern interspersed with tiny yellow square polka dot style pattern. Made in the UK.

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Plain Black Clip-on Tie

Plain black clip-on tie, useful for uniforms, black tie events or funerals. Made in the UK.

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Black & Silver Striped Clip-on Tie

An extremely smart black and silver clip-on tie in wide diagonal stripes.

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Graded Pattern Turquoise Clip-on Tie

An attractive turquoise clip-on tie in graded shades with small subtle white pattern throughout. Made in the UK.

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Lilac Square Patterned Clip-on Tie

A two tone lilac clip-on tie with square pattern design. Made in the UK.

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Bright Yellow Multi Square Patterned Clip-on Tie

A bright yellow clip-on tie with multi blue squares patterned design.

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Burgundy Polka Dot Clip-on Tie

Traditional burgundy clip-on tie with a small white polka dot pattern.

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Grey 3D Pattern Clip-on Tie

A dark grey and silver grey clip-on tie with a 3D pattern. Made in the UK.

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Red Pin Dot Clip-on Tie

A smart, bright red clip-on tie with a pin dot design in white. Made in the UK.

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Red Large Flower Pattern Clip-on Tie

A red, clip-on tie with a large flower pattern in orange and yellow and black. Made in the UK.

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Charcoal Grey Diagonal Striped Clip-on Tie

A charcoal grey clip-on tie with diagonal stripes in various shades of gold and a background pattern of squares.

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Multi Tone Grey Square Patterned Clip-on Tie

Practical, two tone textured grey clip-on tie with red square pattern.

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Dark Charcoal Grey Fine Striped Clip-on Tie

A charcoal grey clip-on tie with a diagonal fine stripe in off white.

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Burgundy Diamond Pattern Clip-on Tie

A burgundy clip on tie with a neat diamond pattern in bright blue and cream. Made in the UK.

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Textured Dash Pattern Turquoise Clip-on Tie

Smart, muted turquoise green clip-on tie with horizontal white dash pattern on a textured background. Made in the UK.

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Modern Floral Design Blue Clip-on Tie

A neat, denim blue patterned clip-on tie with a modern floral design. Made in the UK.

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Diamond Pattern Navy Blue Clip-on Tie

A navy blue patterned clip-on tie with a diamond design in light and dark purple.

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Navy Blue Small Squares Pattern Clip-on Tie

A classic clip-on tie with a small square diagonal pattern in light green and yellow. Made in the UK.

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Grey Large Polka Dot Clip-on Tie

A bold, mid grey clip-on tie with large red polka dots. Made in the UK.

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Royal Blue Horizontal Lines Pattern Clip-on Tie

A bright royal blue clip-on tie with horizontal lines pattern in green, red, cream and black. Made in the UK.

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