Flying Pheasant Neck Tie

Gold Flying Pheasant Neck Tie.

Flying and standing pheasants embroidered bird motif on plain gold tie.

Sorry, sold out!

6-flying pheasant gold

Navy Neat Paisley Self Tie Bow Tie

A traditional neat patterned paisley bow tie in blue and red, made from pure English silk.

Sorry sold out!


White Polka Dot on Blue English Silk Cravat & Handkerchief

A smart blue cravat with white polka dots made from pure English silk with matching handkerchief.

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Broad Striped Navy & Green Silk Knitted Tie

A navy blue and green silk tie with a broad horizontal striped design in a knitted style. Made in the UK using the finest silks.

Sorry, discontinued.


Novelty Black Skull & Crossbones Braces

Clip on Skull & Crossbone Trouser Braces



Embroidered Father Christmas Self Tie Bow Tie (Limited Edition)

A novelty bow tie with a Father Christmas embroidered motif in red with his Santa sack in a repeat pattern on a navy blue background. Self tie style.

Sorry, sold out!


Self Tie Jockey Shirts Bow Tie (Limited Edition)

A fun bow tie with Jockey Racing Shirts in lilac and pink on a navy blue background. A racy little number!

Sorry, sold out!


Pre-Tied Silk Mustard Pheasant Bow Tie

A pre-tied mustard pheasant bow tie in a repeat pattern made in the UK from pure English silk.

Sorry, sold out!


Dartboards Bow Tie

Black Dartboards Pre-tied Bow Tie

Sorry, sold out!


Garden Sunflowers & Wheelbarrow Bow Tie

A beautiful turquoise pre-tied bow tie with a sunflowers, wheelbarrow, scarecrows design. Great tie for gardeners!

Sorry, sold out!


Welsh Dragon Bow Tie

Pre-tied Welsh Dragon Bow Tie

Sorry, sold out!


Pre-tied Plain Navy Blue Ribbed Bow Tie

A classy navy blue silk bow tie with a ribbed textured material. Made in the UK.

Sorry, sold out!


Plain Cream Bow Tie

Plain Satin Pre-tied Cream Bow Tie

Sorry, discontinued

6-B210/8 disc

Plain Lilac Bow Tie

Plain Satin Pre-tied Lilac Bow Tie

Sorry, discontinued


Olive Green Flying Pheasant Silk Cravat

A beautiful flying pheasant motif cravat on an olive green background made in the UK from pure English silk.

Sorry, sold out!


Navy Blue & Gold Square Pattern Silk Cravat

Traditional navy blue cravat made from premium English silk, with a gold and red neat pattern.

Sorry, sold out!


Pink, Blue, Burgundy & Navy Stripe Irish Poplin Tie

A luxury striped Royal Irish Poplin Neck Tie from Atkinsons Ties. Light blue, dusky pink, burgundy and navy blue medium width striped diagonal design with a matt finish. Hard wearing with a crisp finish.

Sorry, sold out!


Red Silk Shooting Tie

An attractive shooting tie with shooter, shotgun and spaniel motif on a red silk tie.

Sorry, sold out!


Horses & Saddles Neck Tie

Neat design equestrian themed tie with horse, saddle, riding cap and hunting horn motif on a navy blue background.

Sorry, sold out!


Navy Blue Hot Air Balloon Silk Tie

Attractive embroidered hot air balloon tie in red, yellow and white on a navy blue background.

Sorry, sold out!


Cerise Embroidered Pig Tie

A bright cerise, pig themed tie with pale pink embroidered pigs on a cerise coloured quality English silk neck tie. Made in the UK.

Sorry, sold out!


Charcoal Grey Diagonal Striped Clip-on Tie

A charcoal grey clip-on tie with diagonal stripes in various shades of gold and a background pattern of squares.

Sorry, sold out!


Graded Pattern Turquoise Clip-on Tie

An attractive turquoise clip-on tie in graded shades with small subtle white pattern throughout. Made in the UK.

Sorry, sold out!


Black & Gold Patterned Paisley Tie

Stunning paisley tie with light and dark gold paisley pattern on a black silk background.

Sorry, sold out!