Welcome to Elegant Extras, gifts & fashion accessories for men & women.

Here at Elegant Extras you will find a wide variety of fashion accessories and gifts for every occasion.  We pride ourselves on quality and sensible prices and you will get both here.  From speaking to many of you, our customers, we know that it takes a lot of time, effort and ingenuity to find unusual presents that are not readily available on the high street.  So no matter whether you are trying to find gifts for him, gifts for her, for old or young, or just purely a little self indulgence you will find it here - whatever 'it' may be!

                                                                                                                                                 Elegance at your fingertips


At last Spring is finally here and soon we will be able to ditch the heavy coats and start to think about our lighter clothing and of course the fashion accessories that go with them.

Elegant Extras is just the place for your new enamel  necklaces in pretty colours, those important trouser braces in fancy polka dot designs, or bow ties in patterns galore.  Maybe wool ties in tweed is your thing, or if you fancy something a little more colourful, plain colours including lilac and bright red. So whatever you fancy, we will have something that fits the bill.


                                                                                                                                       Current Best Sellers

Pretty Enamel Pendants

Looking for something to brighten your day? Our beautiful enamel pendants and necklaces add colour to plain outfits and an extra bit of sparkle to your personality !  

Polka Dot Trouser Braces

Check out our classic trouser braces, great for adding a bit of colour to a functional accessory. Many other styles and colours available.

Snazzy Bow Ties

Visit our bow tie departments for plain, patterned and novelty bow ties - great for dinners and parties.

Tweed Wool Ties

We are pleased that our customers are just loving these tweed ties. Choose from a wonderful array of fourteen colours! Made in the UK.

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